Cristian S. Aluas

Artist/Writer. Sometimes both. Creator of the Big Boss comics franchise and author of IT'S A LIVING: Surviving as a Freelancer in the 21st Century...


A deep and insightful how-to guide with plenty of sales techniques and lifestyle advice. Perfect for novice or professional artists looking to win online projects and learn more about freelancing.


Big Boss Comic

Big Boss: Gun For Hire (Vol. 1)

The ultimate assassin learns he has a daughter that he never knew about. She and her lover lure him away from the biggest job of his career, into an emotional and deadly showdown. 120 pages

Big Boss Comic

Big Boss Comic (Vol. 2)

Wounded but alive, our anti-hero is on the run from his vengeful daughter. Always working, he takes on a mysterious new client who requires him to fight an unstoppable cyborg. 74 pages

Visual Chapters

Each year I publish a PDF of my personal work in kind-of a narrative form.

T: Everything's a work in progress

I plan to compile them all, at some point.

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