Films from Newest to Oldest

Filmed in the Summer of 2017 in NYC, this is the first non-animated or non-documentary short film with a full cast and crew that was directed by Cristian S. Aluas. Email to view from a private link.

"Rub" short film directed by Cristian S. Aluas


Cristian does storyboards and direction for commercial animated shorts, such as The Woody Show. See a sample here!

The Woody Show -storyboards and animation by Cristian S. Aluas


This is the short live-action film pilot, based on Cristian's "Big Boss" graphic novel character, starring Stephen Brodie as the title character and filmed in Las Vegas. Produced by Cristian S. Aluas and directed by Eric Velarde.
Click the poster below or this link: 

"Big Boss: Gun For Hire" Pilot Short Film


And the art movies...


"Masterpiece" film by Cristian S. Aluas (CSA)

Part 1 of 7
Part 2 of 7
Part 3 of 7
Part 4 of 7
Part 5 of 7
Part 6 of 7
Part 7 of 7

“CSA” (2002-2005) 

"CSA" documentary film by Cristian S. Aluas (CSA)

Watch here!

"Blue Jacket Windmill" (2004)

"Blue Jacket Windmill" film by Cristian S. Aluas (CSA) with poetry and music by Adam Fraser Davidson (AFD)

Watch here!

"Art by CSA" (2003)

"Art by CSA" experimental animation film by Cristian S. Aluas (CSA)

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