Cristian S. Aluas is a professional artist and author. His academic training was Animation in college and Creative Writing in university. Between 2002 and 2013, Cristian had a desktop publishing business and his own art school in Canada. He still publishes books and online courses at and is occasionally booked to speak at conventions. Outside his professional endeavors, Cristian enjoys traveling and learning, and spending time with family and friends.

Creative Professional

Cristian started as a fine artist, showing paintings in cafes and bars in Ottawa, Canada. Then he graduated to exhibiting his paintings in commercial galleries and city-run centers. When he lived in Las Vegas, he premiered sculptures at high end hotels. During all those shows, he was freelancing online. He designed logos, animated music videos, and drew comic books. Now he has over a thousand five star reviews on,, and (where he’s “Top Rated”).

Publishing Guru

Cristian has had a love of books since before college, when he self-published his first graphic novel while still in high school. Those original pages are in the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum in Columbus, OH. He’s written more graphic novels since and a couple of non-fiction books. He has also helped clients edit and publish their passion projects.

Branding Expert

Not many people know this but Cristian was accepted into the Graphic Design program in college for which he prepared an acceptance portfolio. Alongside his animation and illustration commissions, Cristian has helped small to medium businesses and large corporations with their branding. He has designed visuals for marketing campaigns of all sizes and advised companies with his research and professional experience.

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