Cristian S. Aluas' Artist Statement

Pic 1

"When I am painting or illustrating, my specialty is the human form, from portraits to fictional scenes. I feel that a strong foundation in reality is important so I have a vast catalog of knowledge from my personal studies and observations. I love learning new things and I take great pride in my artwork.

When I started out professionally, after College and University, I went into an abstract phase (my famous "Silverback" period) and then into the "Signature" period. The culmination of those two periods can be seen in my first masterpiece painting "Big Portrait #1." Then I went into a dark romantic period that blossomed into the brighter "Golden Boy" series. I still revisit some of these art styles, while progressing into the new phase of my artistic journey, which involves writing and film-making. I invite you to please come along on this amazing journey with me!"