About Cristian S. Aluas

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Cristian is a Romanian-born Canadian artist, writer, filmmaker, and speaker. He self-published his first graphic novel in 1996, while still in high school. He studied Animation at Algonquin College (Ottawa) and worked in TV and Feature Animation Studios, on shows like "Franklin the Turtle" and with creators like John Kricfaluci ("Ren and Stimpy"). In that College course, he took Drama, Storyboarding, and Screenwriting classes. He also added a major in Creative Writing, with a minor in Studio Art and Art History, at Concordia University (Montreal), where he refined his story-telling skills and painting techniques. In 2002, Cristian resumed publishing and began to work for himself as a full-time freelance artist and exhibitor. During the span of his professional artist career, Cristian has created large-scale murals and paintings and has his fine art in The National Gallery of Canada and The Museum of Modern Art. He also successfully owned an art school in Canada for many years, before moving to Las Vegas to be an Instructor at the Art Institute. In 2016, Cristian completed "Big Boss: Night Out," short live-action film (based on his "Big Boss" graphic novel) and it premiered at the Chain Film Festival in NYC. In 2016, Cristian also unveiled a new series of freestanding artworks at the beautiful Delano Las Vegas and in 2017 he published a daily "Big Boss" graphic novel on Instagram (@bigbosscomic). 

His online art school can be found at www.MasterpieceArtSchool.com

Cristian lives in Manhattan, NYC, and is focused on writing and directing, and is accepting bookings for speaking engagements.

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